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unable to start puppet master in Azure

asked 2015-04-08 01:07:13 -0600

clay20 gravatar image

Hello, I'm new to Puppet and I'm using the Microsoft (MSFT) Azure Marketplace to deploy a pre-configured virtual machine (VM) with Puppet Master 3.7.2 (running on Ubuntu). I just want to kick the tires so I can see how the product works. With a web browser, I'm trying to connect to https://<hostname> and I'm unable to connect to the web page for Puppet console on port 443 (I get page cannot be display error). If I run netstat on the Puppet master server I don't see port 443 listening.

I configured the virtual machine per instructions in Getting Started Guide: Deploying Puppet Enterprise in Microsoft Azure - this includes using lower case for hostname and cloud service name, opening in Azure endpoints https 443, puppet 8140, and mcollective 61613 but still no luck connecting to the console. I checked out the file /var/log/upstart/puppet-init.log and I see errors "sudo: unable to resolve host <hostname>" so I assume this is messing up the Puppet install in Azure.

I know how to fix the sudo: unable to resolve host <hostname> issue on this server but I have no way to get on the server to avoid this error before Puppet attempts to install the product. When the virtual machine spins up, the expected behavior is that Puppet should be fully operational. Not sure what to do at this point in time.

I would like to re-run the install but I don't see the file puppet-enterprise-installer. DNS is up and running in my Azure environment (although this particular server doesn't have an host record yet). If you have any ideas on how I can get this working in Azure, that would be great..

thanks in advance for your assistance!

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answered 2015-04-10 23:36:47 -0600

clay20 gravatar image

update: I decided not to use the pre-configured PE 3.7.2. virtual machine in Azure Marketplace and just installed PE 3.7.2. on Ubuntu 12.04 virtual machine in Azure. I didn't have time to troubleshoot the Azure Marketplace pre-configured PE virtual machine to get it to work.

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answered 2015-04-08 08:03:28 -0600

believe it needs to be able to resolve its hostname... can you get it aded to dns or try this on host thats in dns? alternatively configure it not to use dns and add suitable entries to /etc/hosts?

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I will investigate. I cannot insert anything into the /etc/hosts file b/c the virtual machine is created w/ PE 3.7.2 already there so by the time I get access to the machine the installation is busted. any other ideas would be great.

clay20 gravatar imageclay20 ( 2015-04-08 19:20:04 -0600 )edit

in azure the IP is dynamically set but they do have a wait to reserve an IP so let me look into that and see if I can get an entry into dns before the virtual machine w/ PE is created.

clay20 gravatar imageclay20 ( 2015-04-08 19:21:15 -0600 )edit

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