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what is the exact location of sysidcfg.erb template file for creating solaris zones with puppet

asked 2015-04-08 14:03:48 -0600

crpeck gravatar image

I'm attempting to defines zones in Puppet under Solaris 11.2, according to the docs that I can find i can create a template for the sysidcfg file and reference it. However, I cannot figure out where the template file goes, does it do in the Puppet master or the client, I've tried both. Can you give me a full path and which system to place this file on? Thanks From puppet describe zone:

- **sysidcfg**
The text to go into the `sysidcfg` file when the zone is first
booted.  The best way is to use a template:
# $confdir/modules/site/templates/sysidcfg.erb
    root_password=<%= password %>
    name_service=DNS {domain_name=<%= domain %> name_server=<%=
nameserver %>}
    network_interface=primary {hostname=<%= realhostname %>
      ip_address=<%= ip %>
      netmask=<%= netmask %>
      default_route=<%= defaultroute %>}

And then call that:
zone { myzone:
      ip           => "bge0:",
      sysidcfg     => template("site/sysidcfg.erb"),
      path         => "/opt/zones/myzone",
      realhostname => ""

The `sysidcfg` only matters on the first booting of the zone,
so Puppet only checks for it at that time.
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answered 2015-04-08 21:25:46 -0600

GregLarkin gravatar image

updated 2015-04-08 21:26:43 -0600

The template file (.erb) goes into the templates/ subdirectory of a module that you create. You can read about how the module directories are structured here:

Puppet code always lives on the Puppet master, not on any Puppet agent node.

In order to use the zone resource in a module named zonemanager, it might look like this:

# This class lives in <moduledir>/zonemanager/manifests/init.pp
class zonemanager {
  zone { 'zone 1':
    ensure => running,
    autoboot => true,
    ... other attributes ...
    # The template file lives in <moduledir>/zonemanager/templates/sysidcfg.erb
    sysidcfg => template('zonemanager/sysidcfg.erb'),

As the zone resource documentation shows, the sysidcfg.erb file can contain several variables that will be evaluated as the file is configured and used to boot the zone.

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