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Installing puppet-lint to PE, error "Provider gem is not functional on this host"

asked 2015-04-13 19:17:54 -0600

I would like to install puppet-lint in my Puppet Enterprise 3.7 test environment on my laptop, using a freshly installed PE3.7 image from .

To install puppet-lint, I created a site::basic class, and I associated the class with a node group. That part seems to work. I added puppet-lint to this class with the following code:

[root@pe3 manifests]# pwd
[root@pe3 manifests]# cat basic.pp 
class site::basic {

  package { 'puppet-lint':
    ensure   => '1.1.0',
    provider => 'gem',

[root@pe3 manifests]#

But then, apparently gems are not available as a provider:

[root@pe3 manifests]# puppet agent --test
Info: Retrieving pluginfacts
Info: Retrieving plugin
Info: Loading facts
Info: Caching catalog for
Notice: hello, world! (notify)
Notice: /Stage[main]/Helloworld/Notify[hello, world! (notify)]/message: defined 'message' as 'hello, world! (notify)'
Error: /Package[puppet-lint]: Provider gem is not functional on this host
Notice: Finished catalog run in 13.35 seconds
[root@pe3 manifests]#

How can I make gem a valid provider?

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2 Answers

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answered 2015-04-13 23:37:22 -0600

GregLarkin gravatar image

This ought to fix the problem for you:

package { 'rubygems':
  ensure => present,

package { 'puppet-lint':
  ensure   => '1.1.0',
  provider => 'gem',
  require  => Package['rubygems'],

Certain providers require additional packages or other configuration to be present on the machine in order to function correctly. The error message is a bit obtuse, but generally when you see "XXX is not functional on this host", it means that some required binary is missing.

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Thanks for the solution. I assumed that Puppet's error message would be more intuitive, but I guess it makes sense now that I understand it better.

stefanlasiewski gravatar imagestefanlasiewski ( 2015-04-17 19:45:26 -0600 )edit

answered 2016-10-06 00:47:54 -0600

ln -s /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/bin/gem /usr/local/bin/gem

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