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Does puppet dashboard work with puppet 4.0?

asked 2015-04-22 14:28:01 -0600

Steve Kemp gravatar image

I've got puppet dashboard installed, but the background worker is reporting errors. The worker backtrace looks like this:

  Importing report report-7221-5.yaml at 2015-04-22 19:26 UTC
  tags was supposed to be a Array, but was a Puppet::Util::TagSet

That to me looks like the report being posted is perhaps not what was expected, because it has changed since previous puppet versions.

I understand that puppet labs no longer maintains the dashboard, but I'm sure there is a cross-over in the users at least.

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answered 2016-02-17 04:49:07 -0600

Hi, Is there any news regarding this issue?

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Hi lveljovic, Yes. There is a news about this issue:!msg/puppet-users/j44EbTJY7HI/yn5KDrmOZZAJ If you really want to get a dashboard I would suggest to try foreman. And if you have any questions please do not put in answer sections.

Mr_Sharma gravatar imageMr_Sharma ( 2016-02-18 01:08:23 -0600 )edit

answered 2015-04-24 02:35:49 -0600

Steve Kemp gravatar image

The answer, straight from the horses mouth, is no, not yet.

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