Fast route to understanding Puppet?

asked 2015-05-14 12:46:06 -0600

davout gravatar image

I've given myself the job of learning Puppet over the next couple of weeks, but to be honest I'm a little overwhelmed by the volume of docs available.

I'm hoping that if I describe my learning scenario a few kind folks can point me at the appropriate tutorial docs to help fast track this process.

My test scenario involves the deployment of four(Java) services - let's call them 'service A', 'service B' , 'service C' and 'service D'. For this example assume that I am creating VM's in AWS. I want to have three different models for how the services are deployed:

  • Micro - where all services are deployed onto a single VM
  • Mini - where two services are deployed onto two VM's (server 1 hosting services A and B; server 2 hosting C and D);
  • Maxi - where there are four VM's with a separate service on each VM
    (server1 hosting service A, server 2 hosting service B etc.)

Can somebody point me at some quick start docs that explain:

  1. How to create my different environments?
  2. How to logically map services to the environment servers
  3. How to spin up new environments on demand (e.g. push button instantiation of a new 'maxi' environment)


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