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Jenkins module: why is Puppet installing Jenkins on every node?

asked 2015-05-26 10:41:16 -0600

RizzoV gravatar image

updated 2015-05-28 04:52:25 -0600

Hi everybody! Before even asking: Jenkins and Puppet newbie here.

I've installed the official Jenkins module following this guide. After some difficulties (it has a typo which causes you to have troubles and it isn't sufficient to do what's written to install the Git Plugin) I've been able to have the whole module correctly configured to install Jenkins, install Maven, install Git and its plugin, set up a job, compile, report tests results and deploy the build to a Tomcat. All of this on single agent node. Now, I tried to do all this procedure on a new, clean node, and I've noticed that it's sufficient to install Puppet on it and launch a "puppet agent --test" to have Jenkins installed, even without mentioning this new node in manifests/site.pp (where I've the instructions for all the nodes). So I checked the master server (the learning-puppet VM) and Puppet installed Jenkins there too.

How is that possible and how can I control where to install Jenkins? Thanks in advance.

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answered 2015-05-28 06:52:29 -0600

If you look at that doc, and scroll down to

"...Once the jenkins class has been added to the Puppet Enterprise Console we can create a group to associate our Ubuntu Lucid node with the jenkins class. This image shows the “Add group” screen..."

Are you sure you did this step correctly, and you associated your jenkins class only with your jenkins node?

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Yes, the interface is quite different now but I think I've done that correctly, I have only agent1 and now agent2 in that group, not the master, which is however getting Jenkins installed

RizzoV gravatar imageRizzoV ( 2015-05-28 08:20:50 -0600 )edit

Here's the error: I don't remember doing that but the Jenkins class was in the default group too! Maybe I've done that while I was distracted. However, I was searching for a solution on the master server's Puppet files and I didn't find anything. Aren't setting shown in the PEconsole in those files?

RizzoV gravatar imageRizzoV ( 2015-05-28 08:25:57 -0600 )edit

No, by default you'll be using PE's node classifier in PE. You'll need to read up on node classification.

Alex Harvey gravatar imageAlex Harvey ( 2015-05-28 08:52:24 -0600 )edit

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