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Hey everyone,

I am currently looking to deploy puppet open source to about 500 windows PC's, all of which have DeepFreeze Installed. Puppet works great and can accomplish many of the tasks needed for my organization. The only problem is unless I thaw the PCs then the automation of puppet becomes useless as deepfreeze will not allow any changes to be saved to the PC.

(For those who don't know, deep freeze is a program that freezes a computer with its DSC. Once frozen users have the ability to modify the computer, however upon reboot it will reboot to frozen state, and all changes made will be forgotten. This prevents users from installing unwanted programs or breaking the system all together. The only way to make a change to the Computer after it has frozen is to force the PC into a "Thaw" state, which allows the user to make changes to the PC, until put back into the frozen state. Its very powerful, and has proven to be very useful.)

This does however pose a serious problem for puppet. I can make my changes all day long based on the configurations in the manifests however, the second the PC reboots, all changes will be reverted (unless I can make puppet thaw the PCs before hand..)

Currently my solution to this problem will be to simply have all the PCs thawed via the Deepfreeze Console, then apply the manifests.. This wouldn't be too bad if the Deepfreeze console worked 100% of the time(I promise doing it this method is far messier than it sounds, i'm just bad at explaining stories from the trenches).

So my question is this: Has anyone else figured out a way to automatically thaw PCs using puppet, or would anyone be willing to make a Deepfreeze module?

Thanks, Karatyman

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I think this is less a puppet question than this is a deepfreeze question. You might want to visit their forum and ask for any means to control deepfreeze via command line. Then you could put those into puppets exec-statements or even write a deepfreeze module.

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