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application war hot deployment through Puppet

asked 2015-06-05 12:11:09 -0600

geminiguy gravatar image

Hi All,

On our Tomcat Infrastructure, customers wanted to leverage hot deployment option. Wherein if a file is present in a configured directory, Tomcat will auto deploy the war file and start the application. We can either write a script+cron job or write a Puppet class to do this deployment task. Plus I know Puppet Agent wakes up every 30 mins to send new configuration to Master. My thought is we can leverage Puppet Agent with runinterval=0 so that it runs continously and send the file presence status in the configured directory to the Puppet Master and when master sees the change in compiled catalog, it triggers to run the Tomcat deployment Module.

My question is : Does anyone sees any issues with regards to keeping Puppet Agent awake continously ( runinterval=0)? I mean any load or any other issue with regards to this. Has anyone seen any issues with above mentioned ?

Thanks, geminiguy

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answered 2015-06-07 09:08:47 -0600

I don't know what kind of resource utilization this entails, but it sounds huge.

Why don't you have an external process kick off the agent when a new WAR is dropped?

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answered 2015-06-07 12:33:27 -0600

geminiguy gravatar image

Thats a good idea,to run a cron to watch the deployment directory and wake up Puppet Agent on need basis.

Thanks, Geminiguy

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