Error reloading Class Definitions Connection Refused

asked 2015-06-08 10:57:16 -0600

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Hi Guys,

I am trying to learn the basics of Puppet so apologies if this is extremely ignorant. I have built a Parallels Ubuntu VM and installed the Monolythic PE version as per the quick start guide. I went through most of this with no errors/issues but now I am on the section where I am creating the "HelloWorld" Class and when I try update it gives me the Subject heading error. I have tried to restart the services as when I added the modt and init.pp I found later that I should have maybe stopped the puppet service before doing this (wasn't in the guide but found on another discussion). The services did not help the issue and I then thought it could be a permissions issues on the above files, I did not want to mess with this too much though so figured it may be easier to ask the gurus... Sorry again if this seems very dumb but like I said I am just trying to get my head round this as this toll if I could get it right in my head would be an awesome addition!

Anyone got any ideas what I can do?

Thanks in advance

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