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Warning: Unable to fetch my node definition, but the agent run will continue:

asked 2015-06-09 08:03:32 -0500

Goran40 gravatar image

Hello .. I have setup my agent and I managed to generate / sign certificates but when I am

sudo puppet agent --verbose --no-daemonize --onetime .. on agent

I get next error:

*"Warning: Unable to fetch my node definition, but the agent run will continue: Warning: Error 400 on SERVER: Failed to find +++++++++++.internal.cloudapp.net via exec: Execution of '/usr/bin/env PUPPETDASHBOARDURL=http://puppet.mylocaldomain.local:3000 /usr/share/puppet-dashboard/bin/external_node +++++++++++.internal.cloudapp.net' returned 1: *

Then the catalog is not retrieved as "Notice: Using cached catalog Error: Could not retrieve catalog; skipping run"

can you please give me an idea which could be the problem ?

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2 Answers

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answered 2015-06-15 01:26:50 -0500

Goran40 gravatar image

For the moment I managed to sort the problem .. Dashboard was impeded me from testing the agent so I have commented out Dahsboard setup . This cane be consider sorted. Thanks

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answered 2015-06-09 11:58:43 -0500

dumb question from me.. you have setup puppetdb/dashboard and can resolve it ok?

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I have setup puppet dashboard (including puppet database) but at the moment I cannot access dashboard. My first priority would be to be able to retrieve catalog from puppet master .... and then have dashboard working. Is it right order?

Goran40 gravatar imageGoran40 ( 2015-06-09 12:53:17 -0500 )edit

I have followed the steps from dashboard setup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHRHKKkCdTU and managed to complete it .. but seems that at the end puppe.mydomain.local:3000 page is not retrieved.

Goran40 gravatar imageGoran40 ( 2015-06-09 13:03:28 -0500 )edit

firewall issue? if you cannot see it even from a web browser local to the machine then - check processes running/error logs?

sahumphries gravatar imagesahumphries ( 2015-06-10 02:59:42 -0500 )edit

I have simplified the error to: Warning: Error 400 on SERVER: Failed to find ttttttt01.ttttttttttttttttttt01.a10.internal.cloudapp.net via exec: Execution of '/usr/bin/env PUPPET_DASHBOARD_URL=http://puppet.mydomain.local:3000 ttttttt01.ttttttttttttttttttt01.a10.internal.cloudapp.net' returned 127:

Goran40 gravatar imageGoran40 ( 2015-06-10 10:57:20 -0500 )edit

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