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expected params[:filters][0][:values][0] to be a string

asked 2015-06-19 14:52:00 -0600

steffy.oommen gravatar image

When I am attaching security group to the load balancer, i am getting the following error,

expected params[:filters][0][:values][0] to be a string

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Please post the relevant code, your environment details, and more detailed output messages. It's difficult to debug this problem without more information.

GregLarkin gravatar imageGregLarkin ( 2015-06-24 00:48:59 -0600 )edit

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answered 2015-08-17 10:05:17 -0600 gravatar image

If you read the documentation at , you'll notice that the security_groups option is VPC only.

This means that it cannot be combined with the availability_zones option from the example in the documentation, but always has to be used in conjunction with the subnets option instead.

For the sake of completeness, a working example:

ec2_securitygroup {'web-elb':
  ensure      => present,
  vpc         => 'my-web-vpc', #declared outside this example
  region      => 'eu-west-1',
  description => 'SG that defines load balancer access policies and connects linked webservers',
  ingress     => [
      protocol  => 'tcp',
      cidr      => '',
      protocol  => 'tcp',
      cidr      => '',
      security_group => 'web-ec2-webservers',
  tags        => {
    resource-group => 'example-web'

elb_loadbalancer { 'example-eu-elb1':
  ensure               => present,
  region               => 'eu-west-1',
  instances            => ['example-eu-web-t3ws-03', 'example-eu-web-t3ws-02'],
  security_groups      => ['web-elb'], #SG mentioned above
  subnets              => ['example-eu-web-public-a', 'example-eu-web-public-b'], #declared outside this example
  listeners            => [
      protocol           => 'HTTP',
      load_balancer_port => 80,
      instance_protocol  => 'HTTP',
      instance_port      => 80,
  tags                 => {
    resource-group => 'example-web',

Running the example above will now result in an ELB launched in your VPC:

AWS_PROFILE=example AWS_REGION=eu-west-1 puppet apply eu-elb.pp
Notice: Compiled catalog for calculon.local in environment production in 0.01 seconds
Notice: /Stage[main]/Main/Elb_loadbalancer[example-eu-elb1]/ensure: created
Notice: Finished catalog run in 3.01 seconds
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