filebucket not working when used by puppet

asked 2015-07-02 10:08:59 -0600

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My filebucket only works when used with the puppet-filebucket commands. It is not working when it's integrated in puppet:

I have a filebucket configured in site.pp for all nodes.

  path => false,
} # server defaults to puppetmaster
File { backup => main, }

For a test, I change a file managed by puppet by hand. Then I start puppet (puppet agent --test --debug) and see what happens.

The output says

Info: Applying configuration version '1435846126'
Notice: /Stage[main]/Examples::Puppetisrunning/File[C:/puppet_is_running.txt]/content:

Info: Computing checksum on file C:/puppet_is_running.txt
Info: /Stage[main]/Examples::Puppetisrunning/File[C:/puppet_is_running.txt]: Filebucketed C:/puppet_is_running.txt to puppet with sum 71f137a2cc8b47542cb29f0d57d0455a
Notice: /Stage[main]/Examples::Puppetisrunning/File[C:/puppet_is_running.txt]/content: content changed '{md5}71f137a2cc8b47542cb29f0d57d0455a' to '{md5}64cd2bde78d839f80d3146747f5784b4'
Debug: /Stage[main]/Examples::Puppetisrunning/File[C:/puppet_is_running.txt]: The container Class[Examples::Puppetisrunning] will propagate my refresh event

Ok, first, the "content" on the first notice is wrong. The file is NOT empty. Second, it tells me it filebucketed the file. However, if I run "puppet filebucket get 71f137a2cc8b47542cb29f0d57d0455a", it says

Error: Could not run: File not found

I can use filebucket by hand. When I run "puppet filebucket backup somefile.bin", I get a working md5-hash back.

Why is filebucket not working when done by puppet? Why can I only use it by hand?

I run puppet 3.8.1.

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