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pull jars from artifactory and create docker images (via Puppet)

asked 2015-07-08 12:38:53 -0600

amocanu gravatar image

Is there a way to get Puppet to pull jars from Artifactory and create a docker image out of it. I am unable to find help/tutorials on this anywhere. If you know links please let me know.


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answered 2015-07-09 06:33:38 -0600

sinned gravatar image

Usually, puppet doesn't do complex processes like that itself. It hides them using abstraction inside a provider. Providers are written in Ruby.

I wanted to do some software installation including download, extraction, installation etc. (several steps) before and asked how to do that here. Result was: The Puppet DSL is not made for that. If you want to do it right, write it in ruby as a provider for puppet.

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