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My ES installed by puppet getting restarted

asked 2015-07-11 00:18:16 -0600

Reeni gravatar image

Am installing elasticsearch from Puppet master to agent nodes using PuppetRun command from master. Am using the elasticsearch module provided ny puppet.It all works fine. Then I try modifying logging.yml directly in agent machine. Automatically in sometime, it got replaced with old content and my elasticsearch restarted. Neither I have a CRON at my end which is performing “puppet agent —test” regularly nor Am not running PuppetRun from master. My understanding is, only when one of these happens, puppet understands the change in file and try to restore it. Am I correct or am I missing something? Could someone tell me why is this happening?

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answered 2015-07-13 14:11:56 -0600

bhanu.rhce gravatar image

You are right, whenever there is a config change in the master for that particular node & latest catalog si prepared by master, puppet run makes it to compare & apply on the node.. by comparing values & client automatically(when puppet agent runs) gets the configs available at master... Have you checked whether puppet agent is running as a service...

grep -i "runinterval" /etc/puppet/puppet.conf

-- check whether it is having any value( by default 30min ), so that on that particular, puppet agent is getting invoked. If yes disable it, by commenting it out.


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