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How come data is not coming from hiera yaml file?

asked 2015-07-20 11:59:04 -0600

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I am using Puppet Enterprise 3.7.2 and on one of my nodes I create the file:

[root@vii-osc4-mgmt-001 ~]# cat /etc/profile.d/ 
export FACTER_pod_prefix=vii-osc4

Then I rebooted that node and logged back in and verified that the FACTERpodprefix gets set and facter pod_prefix outputs the expected value.

[root@vii-osc4-mgmt-001 ~]# env | grep FACTER_pod_prefix
[root@vii-osc4-mgmt-001 ~]# facter pod_prefix

On my PE 3.7 Puppet master I created the file /var/lib/hiera/vii-osc4.yaml. I created the /var/lib/hiera/vii-osc4.yaml from the /var/lib/hiera/defaults.yaml file that I had been using like so:

# cp /var/lib/hiera/defaults.yaml /var/lib/hiera/vii-osc4.yaml

This file has a bunch of class parameter values. For example there is this line in the file:


Then I changed my hiera.yaml file to look like this:

[root@osc4-ppt-001 ~]# cat /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/hiera.yaml
  - yaml
  - "%{pod_prefix}"
  - defaults
  - "%{clientcert}"
  - "%{environment}"
  - global

# datadir is empty here, so hiera uses its defaults:
# - /var/lib/hiera on *nix
# - %CommonAppData%\PuppetLabs\hiera\var on Windows
# When specifying a datadir, make sure the directory exists.

Then I restarted my pe-httpd service like so (RHEL7):

# systemctl restart pe-httpd

Then I make a small change to the /var/lib/hiera/vii-osc4.yaml for example I change the line ...


... to ...


But when I run puppet agent -t --noop on my node, vii-osc4-mgmt-001, I do not see the change that I expected to see. If I make the change in the /var/lib/hiera/defaults.yaml and then run puppet agent -t --noop on my node I do see the expected changs. What am I doing wrong here?

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answered 2015-07-21 17:06:07 -0600

Red Cricket gravatar image

I got an answer from Felix ( and basically I cannot use FACTER_ env vars for this as the services involved to not get the same set of env vars an interactive shell would (kinda like cron I guess). But the answer is even simpler than setting up env vars. I can simply create an /etc/facter/facts.d/pod_prefix.txt file on my nodes and set the value of pod_prefix in the text file with the line: pod_prefix=vii-osc4. Of course, one would still need to modify the hiera.yaml and create vii-osc4.yaml file.

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intersting one! just about to evaluate puppet on rhel 7 so useful point, thanks

sahumphries gravatar imagesahumphries ( 2015-07-22 02:17:30 -0600 )edit

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