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Dashboard successor?

asked 2015-08-11 09:59:17 -0600

AxisNL gravatar image

I found out puppet-dashboard is deprecated, and no longer supplied by puppetlabs. This explains why I don't see any el7 packages in the repo.

Is there a successor? An easy to install nice web interface that will show my hosts' status, log entries, etc?

Or is that now only supplied in the commercial version? I really don't like anything i cant have puppet itself install easily. Spent last night sweating with manually installing puppet-dashboard with all kinds of dependency errors, gems, rakes, Rubies, obscure environment variables, and more hideous stuff like that. Haven't got it working yet. :-(

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answered 2015-08-12 04:01:25 -0600

go enterprise - free if les than 10 nodes, console included - also some nice visualisation tools in latest 2015 version.

if not puppet enterprise - I'd recommend foreman - take a look at: free console

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