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How to install mcollective server plugins ( like puppet and apt) on puppet4 agents?

asked 2015-08-17 10:06:54 -0600

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puppet 4 comes with mcollective and setting it up to connect to a message queue server is no problem.

however installing the plugins so that i can do little more then mco ping has a problem.

first of all the packages that puppetlabs has made available in its repositories are not usable anymore. they all require mcollective-common which in turn want to remove puppet-agent and puppetserver packages.

second when i want to manually install the plugins in the libdir i found that firstly there is no libdir under the normal location ( debian : /usr/share/mcollective )
after i create the correct directories and place the files and restart mcollective. i do not see the new plugin with mco inventory.

Does anyone know how to setup plugins with mcollective that comes with puppet 4?

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answered 2015-11-02 04:55:59 -0600


So far, I am coping all plugins files under a specific folder. I found this module as example :

I hope Plabs will provide real packages soon.



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