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Is there a way to specify how many different version of the files to backup?

asked 2015-08-21 11:46:31 -0600

dannythk gravatar image

I am trying to utilize the "backup" options in the "file" resource type. It seems like it only backup one deep only. Is there a way that it could archive the old one with like a time stamped?

I went into the filebucket (/var/opt/lib/pe-puppet/bucket/), I only notice the checksum of the one previous version of the file. Is there an easy way to find the list of checksum versions of a file?

I am happy to have either one resolve. I just want to be able to locate a history of the file modify by Puppet.

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answered 2015-08-23 05:46:12 -0600

interesting question - I don't believe you can do this without some messing about - however I dont believe you should do this..

puppet is used to reach a defined state - not to do roll backs.. filebucket is there as an emergency backup in a way - i.e. if you're tests haven't spotted a mistake and you've released bad code thats caused an issue - you can quickly revert this.

To get what you what I think its best to look in another way - i.e. have your code under source code control e.g. git - so the history of changes you make is there - this would be a much better way - also means you dont have x-thousand copies of files on x-thousand servers wasting space and becoming hard to manage,

cheers Stuart

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