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failed to find node via exec

asked 2013-06-27 12:32:44 -0600

bin_false gravatar image

I'm currently testing out Puppet Enterprise 3.0 and I'm seeing very strange failures in /var/log/messages. We'll, they're strange to me. My environment consists of the following:
1 Puppet master,
1 Puppet db,
1 puppet dashbard,
1 Puppet agent node,
NOTE: this is strictly for testing. The company I work for owns an enterprise license, but I need to make sure I have a dev/test environment set up first.

With all of that said, the puppetdb, puppetmaster and puppet agent node all have a similar error in the logs:
Error 400 on SERVER ...


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Does the directory /etc/puppetlabs/puppet-dashboard exist on your puppet master server?

GregLarkin gravatar imageGregLarkin ( 2013-06-28 09:32:24 -0600 )edit

On the master that directory does exist yes. Not on the puppetdb where the error is originating.

bin_false gravatar imagebin_false ( 2013-06-28 10:09:19 -0600 )edit

The error is thrown on the server, and it is transmitted to each agent, and that's why it shows up in each one's syslog. Open the file /etc ...(more)

GregLarkin gravatar imageGregLarkin ( 2013-06-28 11:58:00 -0600 )edit

It was pointing to the dashboard. I'm not sure why this happened, probably something to do with the install / uninstall / reinstall of the dashboard. I deleted the VM and ...(more)

bin_false gravatar imagebin_false ( 2013-06-28 14:51:21 -0600 )edit

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answered 2013-06-28 14:52:35 -0600

bin_false gravatar image

Info provided by GregLarkin was very helpful, in the end, a fresh install of the VM cleared up the errors.

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Glad you found the solution!

GregLarkin gravatar imageGregLarkin ( 2013-06-28 15:02:50 -0600 )edit

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