Puppet report error when executing multiple recipes on windows agent

asked 2015-09-03 10:40:11 -0600

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We started using puppet in our CD process. Namely, to deploy our application. I came across a strange error when I ran a job that triggers the deployment of multiple application. On 2 of my puppet runs(out of a dozen) I get the following error :

Error: Could not write report for srvclditpd045.fr.world.socgen at C:/ProgramData/PuppetLabs/puppet/var/reports/srvclditpd045.fr.world.socgen/201509031508.yaml: ReplaceFile(C:/ProgramData/PuppetLabs/puppet/var/reports/srvclditpd045.fr.world.socgen/201509031508.yaml, C:/ProgramData/PuppetLabs/puppet/var/reports/srvclditpd045.fr.world.socgen/201509031508.yaml20150903-5460-1d7hc14): Unable to move the replacement file to the file to be replaced. The file to be replaced has retained its original name.

My deployment jobs basically just runs "puppet apply" command. Are we not supposed to run pupet jobs simultaneously on the same server ? Is there a concurency limitation on puppet that I am not aware of ?



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