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puppet-mysql grant with no password

asked 2015-09-11 11:37:51 -0600

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updated 2015-09-14 05:36:46 -0600

I have the following setup to create a database, user and grant remote access:

mysql::db { 'my_db':
  user     => 'my_user',
  password => 'mystrongpassword',
  host     => 'localhost',
  grant    => ['SELECT', 'INSERT', 'UPDATE', 'DELETE'],

mysql_user { 'my_user@%':
  ensure        => 'present',
  password_hash => mysql_password('mystrongpassword'),

mysql_grant { 'my_user@%/my_db.*':
  ensure     => 'present',
  options    => ['GRANT'],
  privileges => ['SELECT', 'INSERT', 'UPDATE', 'DELETE'],
  table      => 'my_db.*',
  user       => 'my_user@%',

This all sets up fine, except that my_user doesn't require a password when connecting from a remote host.

e.g. mysql server:

mysql -u my_user -p my_db (works - OK)
mysql -u my_user my_db (access denied - OK)

remote server:

mysql -h mysql-server -u my_user -p my_db (access denied - BAD)
mysql -h mysql-server -u my_user mydb (works - BAD)

how do I set the grant that it requires a password/identified by from the remote host?

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answered 2015-09-12 09:21:40 -0600


You have to declare the

mysql_user { 'user@%':
  ensure             => 'present',
  password_hash => mysql_password('password'),

resource first (replace password with yours)


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Hi, I have added this in (see above) but this has not solved the issue. Thanks.

b gravatar imageb ( 2015-09-14 05:37:23 -0600 )edit

Update: it is only % that it doesn't seem to work for. If I specify an IP eg. my_user@ it works. Thanks

b gravatar imageb ( 2015-09-14 05:47:26 -0600 )edit

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