apache module default_vhost does not remove default vhosts

asked 2015-09-14 00:32:54 -0600

Anthony gravatar image

I am trying to remove the default vhosts that the puppetlabs apache module adds.

For example I have this...

  class { 'apache':
    default_mods        => false,    # don't load apache mods
    default_confd_files => false,
    default_vhost       => false,
    vhost_dir           => '/etc/httpd/conf.vhosts.d',
  apache::mod { "ssl": }  # ensure the ssl module is loaded (avoids error)

  apache::vhost { "prometheus":
    vhost_name => "*",
    port       => '80',              # no port given if missing
    docroot    => "/var/www/html",   # required

But when I look in the "/etc/httpd/conf.vhosts.d" directory on the client, I see this...

15-default-ssl.conf  15-default.conf  25-prometheus.conf

The default vhosts are getting created regardless... How can I get rid of them!

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