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Managing data in Oracle

asked 2015-09-24 20:00:30 -0600

Mark gravatar image

We use puppet to install and manage our tech stack and configuration files (apache and tomcat on CentOS). We have a dozen Oracle servers each with 20 or so schemas.

We extensively use puppet template and hieradata to manage the configuration setting files in our 125 QA environments . That has worked very well. The problem is that we also have some app configuration parameter values stored in the databases. That is not managed by puppet, so it has become a mess.

I have found a number of puppet modules that will install and configure the Oracle DB itself but none for the management of the data rows. Is there such a module? If not, I will write my own.

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answered 2015-09-25 03:29:37 -0600

Hi Mark,

I always suggest looking at forge first - have a browse at forge oracle modules and see if anything useful there.

to my shame I did a simple module to update a table - but essentially this was an exec that just ran a shell script - I frown upon myself for doing this ;-)

have a look at using puppet to manage oracle

best regards


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answered 2015-09-27 17:07:24 -0600

Mark gravatar image

Thanks, Stuart.

What I am thinking of doing is creating a SQL file template, e.g. cleanup.sql.erb. The file would be basically a list of UPDATE statements whose values are parameterized. The common and environment-specific values would be pulled from hieradata automatically when the template is instantiated on the environment server.

Whenever we do code deployment for an environment with Jenkins we: 1) Stop tomcat 2) run puppet client 3) scp war files 4) Start tomcat

(There are a bunch of other steps, but that is the net of it.)

We would add a new step between #2 and #3 which would be to run the sql file that was instantiated in step 2.

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