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librarian generated stdlib module install fails

asked 2015-10-01 06:16:38 -0600

kbrandenburg gravatar image

Hi, I'm running puppetserver 2.1.1 with puppet 4.2.1 on vagrant puppetlabs/debian-7.8-64-puppet I'm using librarian-puppet (v2.2.1 @ ruby 1.9.3) to manage modules. My environment is called 'local' and is defined in the puppet.conf [Agent] section. Currently the Vagrant has direct internet access.

I've added stdlib to Puppetfile, and once i run librarian-puppet i get an error message. It tells me to check if this puppet module command work, which is doesn't.

This is the puppet module command output. Can someone disect why this i failing.

    puppet module install 
        --version 4.9.0 
        --target-dir /etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/local/.tmp/librarian/cache/source/puppet/forge/forgeapi_puppetlabs_com/puppetlabs-stdlib/4.9.0 --module_repository --modulepath /etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/local/.tmp/librarian/cache/source/puppet/forge/forgeapi_puppetlabs_com/puppetlabs-stdlib/4.9.0 
        --module_working_dir /etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/local/.tmp/librarian/cache/source/puppet/forge/forgeapi_puppetlabs_com/puppetlabs-stdlib/4.9.0 
        --ignore-dependencies puppetlabs-stdlib

Debug: Runtime environment: puppet_version=4.2.1, ruby_version=2.1.6, run_mode=user, default_encoding=UTF-8
Notice: Preparing to install into /etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/local/.tmp/librarian/cache/source/puppet/forge/forge
api_puppetlabs_com/puppetlabs-stdlib/4.9.0 ...
Notice: Downloading from ...
Debug: Evicting cache entry for environment 'production'
Debug: Caching environment 'production' (ttl = 0 sec)
Debug: Failed to load library 'pe_license' for feature 'pe_license'
Debug: Failed to load library 'pe_license' for feature 'pe_license'
Debug: Failed to load library 'pe_license' for feature 'pe_license'
Info: Resolving dependencies ...
Info: Preparing to install ...
Debug: Failed to load library 'pe_license' for feature 'pe_license'
Debug: Executing: 'gzip -dc /etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/local/.tmp/librarian/cache/source/puppet/forge/forgeapi_pu
ppetlabs_com/puppetlabs-stdlib/4.9.0/cache/puppetlabs-stdlib20151001-3394-jycfat | tar xof -'
Error: Could not extract contents of module archive: Execution of 'gzip -dc /etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/local/.tmp
4-jycfat | tar xof -' returned 2: tar: puppetlabs-stdlib-4.9.0/spec/fixtures/modules/stdlib/manifests: Cannot mkdir: Pro
tocol error
tar: puppetlabs-stdlib-4.9.0/spec/acceptance/nodesets/ubuntu-server-10044-x64.yml: Cannot open: Operation not permitted
tar: puppetlabs-stdlib-4.9.0/spec/acceptance/nodesets/ubuntu-server-12042-x64.yml: Cannot open: Operation not permitted
tar: puppetlabs-stdlib-4.9.0/spec/acceptance/nodesets/ubuntu-server-1404-x64.yml: Cannot open: Operation not permitted
tar: puppetlabs-stdlib-4.9.0/spec/acceptance/nodesets/windows-2008r2-x86_64.yml: Cannot open: Operation not permitted
tar: puppetlabs-stdlib-4.9.0/spec/acceptance/nodesets/windows-2012r2-x86_64.yml: Cannot open: Operation not permitted
tar: puppetlabs-stdlib-4.9.0/lib/puppet/parser/functions/defined_with_params.rb: Cannot open: Operation not permitted
tar: puppetlabs-stdlib-4.9.0/lib/puppet/parser/functions/delete_undef_values.rb: Cannot open: Operation not ...
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answered 2015-10-01 11:24:45 -0600

GregLarkin gravatar image

Are any of the directories referenced by the puppet module install command on shared storage with your host OS?

If so, try Googling "Virtualbox mkdir protocol error", and there are a number of posts describing similar symptoms. I didn't notice what the correct solution would be, but you may be able to do that more quickly.

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Yes, this was caused by the sync'ed folders. Solution so far i to just not sync into a puppet-folder, but sync to other /vagrant-files and use rsync to keep /etc/puppetlabs/ in sync.

kbrandenburg gravatar imagekbrandenburg ( 2015-10-06 18:22:49 -0600 )edit

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