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How can I trigger a remote puppet run on a host every time a file changes or gets uploaded to the puppet master version 2015.2+

asked 2015-10-07 11:48:35 -0500

michaelokoluko gravatar image

updated 2015-10-07 16:24:04 -0500

So basically I’m looking to trigger a “puppet run” on a remote node every time an existing file (server.zip) in /modules/dowloadscript/files/server.zip on the puppet master changes or gets uploaded with a new copy.

Can this be done by the following resource type; Cron, Augeas, Exec e.t.c. If it helps below is my current code that (it works – but needs further automation – don’t want to keep manually running the agent command on the remote box once this file is uploaded – I need a trigger on the master once a new file is uploaded) downloads server.zip file from the master, unzip it onto the windows directory /temp and execute the server build using PowerShell – I have hashed (#)out some attributes for now as they keep failing - either wrong parameter or invalid command – any pointers?

class downloadscript { file { 'C:\puppetfolder\downloadtest.ps1':

ensure  => 'present',
source  => 'puppet:///modules/downloadscript/downloadtest.ps1',
mode    => '0775',
owner   => 'Administrator',
group   => 'Administrator',

} -> file { 'C:\puppetfolder\downloadtest.bat':

ensure  => 'present',
source  => 'puppet:///modules/downloadscript/downloadtest.bat',
mode    => '0775',
owner   => 'Administrator',
group   => 'Administrator',

} -> file { 'C:\puppetfolder\7z.dll':

ensure   => 'present',
source   => 'puppet:///modules/downloadscript/7z.dll',
mode     => '0775',
owner    => 'Administrator',
group    => 'Administrator',
provider => 'windows',

} -> file { 'C:\puppetfolder\7z.exe':

ensure   => 'present',
source   => 'puppet:///modules/downloadscript/7z.exe',
mode     => '0775',
owner    => 'Administrator',
group    => 'Administrator',
provider => 'windows',

} -> file { 'C:\puppetfolder\server.zip':

ensure   => 'file',
source   => 'puppet:///modules/downloadscript/server.zip',
checksum => 'mtime',
#notify   => 'Exec["install_c:\\puppetfolder\downloadtest.ps1"]',
mode     => '0775',
owner    => 'Administrator',
group    => 'Administrator',

} -> exec {'unpacking_c:\puppetfolder\server.zip':

path         => 'c:\\puppetfolder\\7z.exe',
command      => 'C:\\puppetfolder\\7z.exe -y x C:\\puppetfolder\\server.zip -oc:\\temp',
logoutput    =>  true,
provider     => 'windows',

} -> exec { 'install_c:\puppetfolder\downloadtest.ps1':

command     => 'C:\\puppetfolder\\downloadtest.bat',
#unless      => 'Test-Path path "puppet:///modules/downloadscript/server.zip" { exit 1 } else {exit 0}',
#subscribe   => 'File["puppet:///modules/downloadscript/server.zip"]',
logoutput   => true,
refreshonly => true,

} }

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answered 2015-11-12 02:53:21 -0500

Cristian Falcas gravatar image

You could implement this with a script that watches on master for changes on the file and triggers a puppet run with mcollective.

Check this post on a way to implement the watcher: How to continuosly monitor the directory using dnotify /inotify command

Read on how to decide when the file has finished copying on inotify documentation.

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Inotify is what I was thinking of also. It looks like Micheal is on Windows however and might need to find an an inotify like process. SO has some suggestions. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3517460/is-there-anything-like-inotify-on-windows This will work if you only have a few nodes.

scoffland gravatar imagescoffland ( 2015-11-13 08:21:29 -0500 )edit

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