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puppet/ mcollective for automation and orchestration

asked 2015-10-24 18:28:54 -0600

tariksetia gravatar image

I have an a homogenous environment of about 200+ server (supporting many accounts) with different application running on them. and I also have to work on boring , mundane Incidents ... which are mostly related to configuring application and troubleshooting and reporting/qureying data.

While solving these incidents most of the time gets wasted for waiting the application console to load on a central server (for configuration tasks ...that can be automated) and taking multiple (4+) RDP/ssh to reach servers (most just to check/troubleshoot connectivity)etc.

All this can be done with batch or ssh script but they are very difficult to manage. And I every time i write a new solution to problem , it has to be pushed to these 200+ server, again a cumbersome task..And it becomes more difficult when you have complex scripting logic for adhoc query/task

I think puppet or Mcollective is right tool for me.. But i am not sure Which one is gonna help here.

I aim to design a system the where if an alert (on single or multiple hosts) occurs , it gets automatically resolved...or it could fetch diagnostic reports from the server or if it requires manual invervention for sysadmin stuff, i could do it from central console

I m guessing that if need network stats/ metric from all the host, MCollective can help but What i am not sure is whether Mcollective allows me to target each and every host individually and then run tasks on it.

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answered 2015-10-25 16:30:10 -0600

Cristian Falcas gravatar image

Well, mcollective can filter hosts based on puppet facts. So you will still need both of them installed.

Besides the filtering, mcollective can help you by installing packages on the machines or performing puppet runs.

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