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create multiple parameters in config file based on variable array

asked 2015-11-03 13:27:27 -0600

johntest gravatar image

updated 2015-11-03 16:35:45 -0600

What I have is something like this

puppet variables

$ipnode1 = '',
node2 = '',
$ip_node3 = '',

config file

servers="<%= @ipnode1 %>,<%= @ipnode2 %>,<%= @ip_node3 %>"

What I want is to create a dynamic array which would sometimes have 2,3,5,9 or any number of values. Based on this array I want to have values in my config file servers parameter.


I found the solution to above, but I am looking for another one
In this case, requirement is to have a standard port number next to ip such as

What's the best way to do this without user having to type it every time next to IP in the array.

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answered 2015-11-03 16:31:56 -0600

johntest gravatar image

I found the way using arrays

$servers = [ '', '', ''],

in config file <% joinedservers = @servers.join(',') %><%= joinedservers %>

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