learning vm issue once converted to qcow2 or raw img

asked 2015-11-12 01:28:43 -0600

hsafe gravatar image

Hello First thanks for the wonderful learning vm. Secondly as prominently being on Linux and KVM virtualization tried to convert the vmdk file format back to both qcow2 and img format by standard command: qemu-image convert to get the image compatible to my kvm environment with virt-manager on Centos 6.7 2.6 kernel, but it failed to boot normally. The error I get is: failed to access perfctr msr (MSR) in the journalctl and it goes to the rescue mode without even accessing the root dir.

I am pretty sure that he conversion went smoothly and tested the image in a windows host environment with virtualbox and all is fine. I know that the image is fully customized for the purpose and while in this state little can be done really, now is there a way you may help so that I can use it in my native environment? Thanks

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