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puppet vcsrepo behind http_proxy

asked 2015-12-09 03:39:11 -0600

teleivo gravatar image

updated 2015-12-09 04:58:45 -0600

Dear all,

I want to clone a git repo using the puppetlabs vcsrepo module. Unfortunately I am behind an http proxy.

I am running foreman/puppet master --> agent setup with puppet 3.8 on Ubuntu server 14.04.

I have set the environment variables http_proxy, HTTP_PROXY, https_proxy, HTTPS_PROXY, no_proxy, NO_PROXY on all nodes via

  1. /etc/profile.d/
  2. /etc/environment

If a manifest like this:

vcsrepo { '/home/sam/.dotfiles':
    ensure      => latest,
    provider    => git,
    source      => '',
    user        => 'sam',

is applied via the puppet master, the git clone done through vcsrepo fails with error 128.

To debug the issue I did a git clone using the puppet execresource which tells me 'fatal: unable to access '': Failed to connect to port 443: Connection refused'. If I add the http_proxy environment variables to the exec's resource attribute environment, git clone works fine.

If I simply run

sudo puppet agent --test

on the node itself, the manifest applies fine as well! My guess is that in this case the http_proxy environment variables which I have exported are picked up by the puppet command.

Now the trouble is vscrepo has no environment attribute where I could set the environment variables.

And if I add httpproxyhost/port in puppet agents puppet.conf under [main] see

then I get "Warning: unable to fetch my node definition, but the agent run will continue: Warning: 403 "Forbidden"" I am guessing the agent cannot reach the puppet master because he goes through the http proxy which he should not. There is no no_proxy config see

How should I configure the http_proxy so that puppet master/agent use this environment variable on any exec/vcsrepo resource?

Hope there is somebody out there who can help me fight this damn proxy once and for all :) Thank you!!!

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answered 2015-12-09 13:48:44 -0600

teleivo gravatar image

easiest fix I now found was to define the http_proxy for git in the system wide git config at


like this:

proxy = http[s]:@PROXYIP:PROXYPORT


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