deploy Windows Server on AWS Configure using puppetlabs AWS

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Hi All,

So I am good with deploying EC2 instances using puppetlabs-aws module. Now I am trying to make it do some initial configuration -- rename computer and add to domain -- using the user-data script that you can send to EC2 instance when it is deployed.

Here are the steps that I want it to do:

  1. Deploy Windows Server 2012 R2
  2. Pass user data script to execute after bootup
  3. Rename Computer
  4. Restart (as it is required)
  5. Add the server to domain
  6. Restart (if needed, I think it is not needed at this step though)
  7. Install puppet agent
  8. Restart
  9. Sign cert on puppet master
  10. Control agents from master from here

I am using powershell mostly to do the Windows configuration and am looking for the best way to do this with available resources. My thoughts are to work with scheduled scripts that run on one restart and then be removed.

Any other way to do this? Any valuable inputs will be highly appreciated!


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