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dependency module check in serverspec

asked 2015-12-22 05:23:05 -0600

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How to check dependency modules in the serverspec test

I have below manifests and it used other modules manifests

$fs_lvm = hiera_hash('lvm::mod::cli_conf')
create_resources('lvm::filesystem', $fs_lvm)

Here I am passing hiera value to "vm::filesystem" modules. So, is this possible in the serverspec tests.

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answered 2015-12-23 06:21:30 -0600

Using Serverspec command resource types you can make assertions about the output of any arbitrary command:

describe command('lvs') do
  its(:stdout) { should match /.../ }

Also try Google. :)

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Asked: 2015-12-22 05:23:05 -0600

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