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Does anyone here know of a good repo of resources for learning Puppet?

asked 2015-12-24 08:56:43 -0600

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently searching for a good repository of resources both company official and non-official about the use of Puppet for configuration management, tutorials, docs, best practices, case studies etc. I've recently started working with the platform and I am familiar with the basics on a decent level but would like to go more in depth in understanding the tool and its capacity. I saw this list - - which has an interesting discussion and some links for resources, and this page - which is a collection of resources from around the web including also some official puppet pages. Would you say the resources listed here are good to start with? Does anyone have an additional, or better idea for a destination to learn about Puppet to a greater extent?

Thanks, Natali

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answered 2015-12-25 21:35:54 -0600

I learnt puppet by taking the training myself, which is very good. If that's not an option, I'd recommend starting with this. After that you'll probably be ready just to consume the docs.

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