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puppet cert list returns nothing, although PE Console shows unsigned certificates

asked 2015-12-30 11:51:55 -0500

NickMRamirez gravatar image

I'm new to Puppet, so this may be something I'm doing wrong...

The steps I'm taking are:

  1. I installed Puppet Master on CentOS

  2. Ran the command: puppet cert generate puppetmaster --dns_alt_names="puppet;". This seems to have generated a certificate for the puppet master.

  3. On a Windows machine, installed the puppet master agent MSI with the command: msiexec /norestart /i C:\\puppet-agent-1.3.2-x64.msi /qn PUPPET_MASTER_SERVER= PUPPET_AGENT_CERTNAME=node1

  4. Opened port 8140 outbound, since the MSI doesn't seem to do this

  5. Ran the command: C:\\Program Files\\Puppet Labs\\Puppet\\bin\\puppet.bat" agent --test. This is the only way I've found for the agent to send its certificate request to the puppet master.

  6. On the Puppet Enterprise Web GUI, I see a new certificate request under Nodes > Unsigned Certificates.

When I SSH into the puppet master server and run the command: puppet cert list

...nothing is returned. Shouldn't it show the certificate that I'm seeing in the GUI? Also, once I accept the certificate through the GUI, it doesn't show up as a node when I run:

puppet node find

I only see the puppet master's information then.

Any help much appreciated!

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answered 2015-12-30 12:01:50 -0500

NickMRamirez gravatar image

I figured it out. I had to run the puppet cert list command as sudo, or else nothing is returned. On CentOS, the command :

sudo puppet cert list

returned: sudo: puppet: command not found

But I could do:

su -

To log on as root.

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