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Setup Siebel through Puppet

asked 2016-01-06 18:21:23 -0600

prync gravatar image

Hello Technologist,

I am new to puppet

Can anyone help me how to Setup Siebel through Puppet.

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Best regards, Prync

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answered 2016-01-06 19:13:44 -0600

pizzaops gravatar image

updated 2016-01-06 19:14:01 -0600

Hello Prync,

It looks like this Puppet module may be useful:

Bare in mind, however, that at its core, Puppet is a programming language, and not a one-click system for performing configuration tasks. Generally speaking, you should:

  1. Learn the Puppet Language/DSL.
  2. Evaluate the actions/end-states involved in configuring Siebel.
  3. Evaluate how you can best map those actions/end-states to the functionality of the Puppet Language.

If you're interested in doing this with Puppet, there's not going to be any way to get around doing some coding with the Puppet language, other than hiring somebody to do it for you :-)

Here's a good place to get started, if you're interested:

Good luck!

- Master Technologist Third Class, Zee Alexander

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