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I have set up master-agent architecture for puppet. I am basically trying to install & configure some packages on agent. For that I need to run some scripts & programs which are stored on server in the files directory of respective modules. I am using exec resource to run those script & programs with absolute modulepath. But when I run test on agent exec fails due to scripts in-availability.

I am not much aware of master-agent architecture. So how can I tell agent to fetch those scripts & programs which are stored on master in files directory of those modules & run it. Is this approach right or there is another elegant way to do it?

Following is a snippet of one of exec resources:

exec {

 command => 'easy_install /etc/puppet/modules/configure/files/',
 path    => ['/bin/','/sbin/','/usr/bin/','/usr/sbin/'],


Also how would the source parameter (for file() & template())behave for file resource in master-agent architecture? Will I have to copy the files on agent or they will be fetched from master?

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