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How can I run puppet master in debug when the dashboard doesn't start?

asked 2013-08-09 10:52:52 -0600

mscottjr99 gravatar image

updated 2013-09-17 09:57:54 -0600

golja gravatar image

I stop the puppet service on my redhat box.

$ service pe-httpd stop

then I run:

$ puppet master --no-daemonize --debug

The dashboard doesn't start with the master so I can't debug my issue. Am I missing something simple?

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What issue are you trying to debug? If you stop the pe-httpd service, you cannot access the PE Console, since it runs on port 443 (https).

GregLarkin gravatar imageGregLarkin ( 2013-08-12 14:04:25 -0600 )edit

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answered 2013-09-03 10:28:25 -0600

llowder gravatar image

updated 2013-09-03 10:28:37 -0600

If you want to run PE in debug mode without having to stop pe-httpd fully, you can edit the and uncomment the # ARGV << --debug line, which in a default file is line 10, and for Puppet Enterprise can be found at /opt/puppet/share/puppet/ext/rack/files/

This won't have it log to console, but will let you tail the logfiles and get the debug info you seek.

Alternately, you can edit the vhosts to disable the puppet master process, then restart pe-httpd and call the master using --no-daemonize --debug etc - but you'll ... (more)

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For 3.x version, the file can be found here: /etc/puppet/rack/

Cristian Falcas gravatar imageCristian Falcas ( 2015-12-07 14:23:53 -0600 )edit

answered 2015-12-07 14:39:31 -0600

Cristian Falcas gravatar image

Other method to debug the puppet master:

Add in /etc/puppet/rack/ the following lines:

ARGV << "--debug"
ARGV << "--trace"
ARGV << "--profile"
ARGV << "--logdest" << "/var/log/puppetmaster.log"

And restart httpd.

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