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Puppet Enterprise as OS Package Management Solution

asked 2016-02-18 08:35:48 -0600

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We have Puppet Enterprise in all environments (Dev, Test, OPS). We are looking to retire the RHEL Sat server we have in production (Costs). Currently the features Satellite gives us is package life cycle, patch management in the sense of scheduled patch push for both OS and applications. A custom Repo for COT's applications and one-off RPM's out side baseline software. How can Puppet allow me to retire RHEL Satellite and go completely with a puppet solution.

My main sticking points on going full puppet for Package Management are.

-- Managing yum conf -- Removing a collection of systems from service for maintenance -- Triggering yum updates for kernel and packages, reboots -- Controlling which systems are updated and which are not -- Post patch testing -- Restoring systems to service

Thanks In advance!

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answered 2016-02-20 09:16:08 -0600

You mean you need to get rid of Satellite to save money? If so, there is a free version, Spacewalk. In my opinion, Puppet isn't a replacement for Red Hat Satellite, and nor is it intended to be. Patch management and configuration management are different problems, and Puppet is a very good configuration management system. You could make Puppet Enterprise do patch management with Live Management, custom MCollective plugins etc. IBut you'll struggle to reproduce all of Satellite's features.

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