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Code manager can't checkout from Git repository

asked 2016-03-01 09:34:42 -0600

ashkop gravatar image

I'm truing to setup Code Manager on fresh install of PE 2015.3. This is what I see in log file when trying to deploy environment from Git repository:

ERROR    -> Unable to determine current branches for Git source 'puppet' (/etc/puppetlabs/code-staging/environments)
Original exception:
Found invalid hex digit in length at /opt/puppetlabs/server/data/code-manager/worker-caches/deploy-pool-2/************

Is there any way I can fix this on my side?

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-03-01 10:33:17 -0600

ashkop gravatar image

It turned out that the problem was in Git URL I used. Specifying correct ssh:// scheme solved the problem.

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