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An error occurred loading this page: An uncaught server error was thrown.

asked 2016-03-04 14:01:58 -0600

d1Ls5p7 gravatar image

I have downloaded and install Learning VM. Puppet 4.3.2 was installed. When I log into the web page (https://<ipaddress>) I get a RED screen with the following message:

 An error occurred loading this page:  An uncaught server error was thrown.  Check the log for details.

I get the same results with Firefox 44.0.2 and Safari 9.0.3 (11601.4.4)

If I click Configuration I get the same message. If I click Nodes, I get this error:

 An error occurred loading this page: There was an error connecting to PuppetDB: Connection refused

What and where can I look to solve this issue?

Thank you. Dennis

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answered 2016-03-06 14:59:07 -0600

Serg gravatar image

Hello. i just had the same problem and managed to fix it.

1.Check running services and their status

systemctl --all | grep pe-

my result:

session-c1.scope loaded active abandoned Session c1 of user pe-activemq

pe-activemq.service loaded active running Puppet Enterprise ActiveMQ

pe-console-services.service loaded active running pe-console-services Service

pe-nginx.service loaded active running pe-nginx - Puppet Enterprise web server

pe-orchestration-services.service loaded active running pe-orchestration-services Service

pe-postgresql.service loaded active running Puppet Enterprise PostgreSQL database server

pe-puppetdb.service loaded failed failed pe-puppetdb Service

pe-puppetserver.service loaded failed failed pe-puppetserver Service

Here, we see a problem. the last 2 services are not started. Particularly the puppetdb service.

2.Start the failed services

service pe-puppetdb start

service pe-puppetserver start

my result: Redirecting to /bin/systemctl start pe-puppetserver.service

3.Access again, on puppet pe console, on https://your-ip.

my result: success. it's working!

i hope it helps you ! :) Cheers!

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Worked perfectly for me. Thank you!

martsta gravatar imagemartsta ( 2016-04-05 03:02:40 -0600 )edit

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