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DSC_* error: Could not evaluate: Not found

asked 2016-03-24 06:32:06 -0600

Blankf gravatar image

Hi Guys,

i am learning an figuring out how to use the dsc resources. i am running on v2015.3.2 master version and puppet 1.4 client on windows 2012R2.

i have the following configuration: /production/manifests/baseline.pp

class profile::baseline {

dscuser { 'User account for ferry': dscensure => 'present', dscusername => 'ferrydsc', dscdescription => 'user account for Spencer with DSC', dscpasswordchangerequired => 'true', dscpasswordneverexpires => 'false', dscpasswordchangenotallowed => 'false', dscdisabled => 'false', dscfullname => 'Ferry B', dscpassword => { 'user' => 'ferrydsc', 'password' => 'Welcome01!', }, } ->

dscgroup { 'Administrators group': dscensure => 'present', dscgroupname => 'Administrators', dscdescription => 'Builtin Administrators Group', dscmemberstoinclude => ['ferrydsc'], } }

and added the profile::baseline to the node_default within site.pp

node default { # This is where you can declare classes for all nodes. # Example: # class { 'my_class': } class { 'profile::baseline': } }

when i run a puppet agent -t on my windows machine, everytime i receive this error and i am stuck on the problem.

PS C:\Windows\system32> puppet agent -t Info: Using configured environment 'production' Info: Retrieving pluginfacts Info: Retrieving plugin Info: Loading facts Info: Caching catalog for mgmt.domain.local Info: Applying configuration version '1458818748'

Error: /Stage[main]/Profile::Baseline/Dsc_user[User account for ferry]: Could not evaluate: Not found

Notice: /Stage[main]/Profile::Baseline/Dscgroup[Administrators group]: Dependency Dscuser[User account for ferry] has failures: true

Warning: /Stage[main]/Profile::Baseline/Dsc_group[Administrators group]: Skipping because of failed dependencies Notice: Applied catalog in 2.69 seconds

can someone please help/explain to me what i am doing wrong. i've read the deepdives , but they dont have this issue :-)

Thanks in advance Regards, Ferry

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answered 2016-03-24 08:45:52 -0600

Blankf gravatar image

I fixed the issue.

it was a very specific error, and probably not very common. i used to run on WMF5 production preview. i then updated to RTM.

the 'not found' error was thrown by the dsclocalconfigurationmanager that is executed by the invoke-dscresource command.

see this article:

Resolution: Run the following command in an elevated PowerShell session (run as administrator): mofcomp $env:windir\system32\wbem\DscCoreConfProv.mof

Regards, Ferry

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