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audit installed versions of packages

asked 2016-04-04 10:41:16 -0600

DarylW gravatar image

Is there a report module available (or an example of one) that can return back the version of each installed package on the host?

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answered 2016-05-13 03:10:50 -0600

updated 2016-05-13 03:13:58 -0600

it does more than you probably want but facebook relelased a cool tool called osquery about 2 years ago (osquery

its available as a puppet module osquery module

you can test it using docker - see if its useful:

[root@puppetmaster manifests]# docker run -t -i /bin/bash Unable to find image '' locally

Trying to pull repository ... latest: Pulling from loganp/osquery


Status: Downloaded newer image for

root@bac80093794c:/# osqueryi osquery - being built, with love, at Facebook ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Using a virtual database. Need help, type '.help' osquery>

depending on os you can generate queries such as select * from rpm_packages or:

osquery> select name, version from deb_packages;
| name                       | version                          |
| adduser                    | 3.113+nmu3ubuntu3                |
| apt                        | 1.0.1ubuntu2.10                  |
| apt-utils                  | 1.0.1ubuntu2.10                  |
| base-files                 | 7.2ubuntu5.3                     |
| base-passwd                | 3.5.33                           |
| bash                       | 4.3-7ubuntu1.5                   |


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answered 2017-01-26 08:21:34 -0600

DarylW gravatar image

As an additional point of reference, at Puppetconf 2016 puppet released which accomplishes a similar task.

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