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vcsrepo and file to run only if git has a newer revision

asked 2016-04-05 13:38:11 -0600

mrdeshapiro gravatar image

vcsrepo runs even if latest already present. How do I get both stanzas to run only if latest not present?

  vcsrepo { "$odbcini_src":
    ensure   => latest,
    provider => git,
    source   => "$odbcini_repo",
    force    => true,

file { "$odbcini_dst":
    ensure => file,
    owner  => "root",
    group  => "root",
    source => "${odbcini_src}/odbc.ini.GOLD",
    mode   => '0644',
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answered 2016-04-19 10:59:50 -0600

awippler gravatar image

Remove force => true from vcsrepo.

vcsrepo will only pull if there is a newer code in the repository. You are basically forcing the repo to pull every time. Puppet will compare the md5sum of the file resource and update when necessary.

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