Mcollective-puppet-agent not loading

asked 2016-05-10 14:05:14 -0600

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I have mcollective setup on windows with puppet agent. The issue from logs is that, agent puppet is not loading as expected and throwing error as " can not load such file"

D, [2016-05-10T20:35:55.763828 #1084] DEBUG -- : base.rb:94:in block in findddlfile' Found puppet ddl at C:\marionette-collective\plugins/mcollective/agent/puppet.ddl E, [2016-05-10T20:35:55.765828 #1084] ERROR -- : agents.rb:71:inrescue in loadagent' Loading agent puppet failed: Could not create instance of plugin MCollective::Agent::Puppet: cannot load such file -- puppet D, [2016-05-10T20:35:55.765828 #1084] DEBUG -- : agents.rb:104:in block in findagentfile' Found service at C:\marionette-collective\plugins/mcollective/agent/service.rb D, [2016-05-10T20:35:55.765828 #1084] DEBUG -- : pluginmanager.rb:167:inloadclass' Loading MCollective::Agent::Service from mcollective/agent/service.rb

Can some one help on this as we got stuck at this?


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