PE Mcollective Plugins Packages (Debian) ?

asked 2016-05-12 06:30:57 -0600

FranzCC gravatar image

I want to install the NRPE and the Filemanager Plugin for PE 2016.1 (mcollective)
and found two github projects:
There's an reference in the PE docs for mcollective but no hint howto install or package it
I found an old post which explains my question:
But there's no reasonable answer for that.
I'm pretty aware of building packages for debian distributions but don't know what paths i have to use for the plugins
/usr/share/mcollective dir doesn't exist and my testpackages didn't get recongnized by mcollective.
Before i file a support request, perhaps anyone can tell where to place the plugins ?

Rgds. Franz

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