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puppet service_example on windows

asked 2016-05-16 12:29:29 -0600

Posted about this in the puppet user forum on google a month ago but have gotten zero reply

I'll repeat the issue here:

Trying to get an example to run from the registry windows package

The puppet master enterprise is running on centos 6.5. This is the simplest example I can try and I would have expected it to just work. I am able to do simple examples for OS X but the windows examples have me dead in the water:

for some reason it is balking on the example code like so:

Running Puppet agent on demand ...
Info: Using configured environment 'production'
Info: Retrieving pluginfacts
Info: Retrieving plugin
Info: Loading facts
Error: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER: Evaluation Error: Error while evaluating a Resource Statement, Evaluation Error: No matching entry for selector parameter with value 'UNSET' at /etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/production/modules/registry/manifests/service.pp:51:18 at /etc/pupp
etlabs/code/environments/production/modules/registry/manifests/service_example.pp:20 on node mynode
Warning: Not using cache on failed catalog
Error: Could not retrieve catalog; skipping run
Press any key to continue . . .

Here the lines around /service.pp:51:18 :

  $ensure_real = $ensure ? {
    UNSET   => present,
    undef   => present,
    present => present,
    absent  => absent,

This is the code as provided from git and I'm a newbie to puppet so I don't much clue what the line UNSET => present,

is trying to do.

Any ideas?

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answered 2016-05-17 17:39:55 -0600

mike.r gravatar image

try commenting out UNSET => present, line in service.pp and running it, it may be that it doesnt like this format,

also on issues like this, youll get faster response from the module developers by opening up issues directly on Github

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Thanks I'll try both those approaches

grantLittle gravatar imagegrantLittle ( 2016-05-24 12:58:02 -0600 )edit

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