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Create v4 server, keeping old v3 CA server until ALL manifests converted

asked 2016-05-17 00:36:58 -0600

cm01 gravatar image

Hi Guys,

We have a large num of systems, inc 2 masters and one ca server, all running v3.2.2.

What we'd like to do initially is to just create a v4 server & take advantage of the ability of v3 agents to talk to a v4 server.

ALSO, until the conversion of all the manifests etc is complete and we can finally replace the old masters, we'd like to continue using the current v3.2.2 CA master for all nodes, inc those nodes running updated manifests from the v4 server.

Is this possible? If so how, if not why not/best solns?

Cheers Chris

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answered 2016-11-17 11:27:45 -0600

geoff_williams gravatar image

I have no idea if this is possible or not but its probably more work finding out then I'd be willing to invest to get an answer.

I'm under the impression that a v4 server needs to have v4 agents but like I said this isn't something I've needed to look at in any depth.

A much easier (IMO) solution to attempting to have v3 agents talking to a v4 server (if that's even possible) would just be to make a new puppet server for v4, so you end up with 2x parallel puppet masters until such time as you can migrate fully to puppet v4.

v3 agents connect to the v3 server, v4 agents connect to the v4 server; v3 CA files are copied to v4 server and no new connections to the v3 server are allowed. Code updated with either dual v3+4 parser support or updated only on the v4 server until all v3 agents can be reinstalled as v4. Once everything is running puppet v4, turn off the old puppet v3 server.

That's what I'd do anyway!


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