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vim puppet lint remove warnings from syntatic

asked 2016-05-17 02:58:42 -0500

prototyp gravatar image

Does anybody knows how to remove warnings like:

[80chars] line has more than 80 characters

Syntastic has function to suppress certain warnings via a regex. Does anybody know how the regex for that warning would look like?

Syntastic example:

let g:syntastic_quiet_messages = {
    \ "!level":  "errors",
    \ "type":    "style",
    \ "regex":   '\m\[C03\d\d\]',
    \ "file:p":  ['\m^/usr/include/', '\m\c\.h$'] }
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answered 2016-05-20 06:33:47 -0500

prototyp gravatar image
let g:syntastic_quiet_messages = {
      \ "!level":  "errors",
      \ "type":    "style",
      \ "regex":   '[80chars] line has more than 80 characters',
      \ "file:p":  ['\m\c\.p$'] }
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answered 2016-05-17 16:50:26 -0500

mike.r gravatar image

not sure if you can preconfigure puppet-lint but I usually run it like this

To disable Documenation warning (this warns to include comment above "class" declaration)
puppet-lint --no-documentation-check manifest.pp

To suppress 80 char line limit check
puppet-lint --no-80chars-check manifest.pp
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puppet-lint is used from syntastic so the only possible way would be with that regex I could not find....

prototyp gravatar imageprototyp ( 2016-05-18 02:09:42 -0500 )edit

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