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puppet resource very slow ...

asked 2016-05-24 08:22:58 -0600

FranzCC gravatar image

Comparing with the last versions of puppet enterprise, puppet resource get's slower and slower
Compared to a mco run, it's factor 2 slower !!!
Now i debugged and found out that the ruby interpreter search all gem directories in /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/lib/ruby/gems/2.1.0 ?!?
All vendor plugins for puppet are located in /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/puppet !!!
I think the developer should fix the path issue ASAP, because every puppet resource run will produce more than 11000 stat syscalls !
Using the right library directory will speed up the run more than 50%
Will file a support ticket ;-)

E.g: local users 43

strace  -f -e trace=stat puppet resource --types 2> out
grep "stat(" out |wc -l

Rgds. Franz

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answered 2016-05-25 01:16:27 -0600

FranzCC gravatar image

updated 2016-05-25 01:28:31 -0600

Exporting the GEM_PATH reduces the stat syscalls by 1000.

export GEM_PATH=/opt/puppetlabs/puppet/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby:/opt/puppetlabs/puppet/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/puppet:/opt/puppetlabs/puppet/lib/ruby/gems/2.1.0

Nevertheless, software has to be tested and well programmed, which is not the case here.
There are a lot of references, which endup in nothing but stat,open syscalls becuase the libs are not components of puppet-agent anymore.
Consider a recent storage, every read is also a write by means of MRU cache handling !!!
Also, 70% cpu user load for a command is symptomatic!

Rgds. Franz

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