postgresql module support for multiple versions and instances of postgres

asked 2016-05-25 11:15:08 -0600

shaunrampersad gravatar image

The current supported puppetlabs/postgresql module installs a single version of postgres on a server.

I would like to install multiple instances of postgres on a single physical server and limit resource usage with systemd. Essentially, it would create 2 or more DB engines on 1 server.

Would it be easy to do with the current module, or would this involve a redesign?

Use Case: I have 2 physical servers with 40cores and 512GB Ram. Initially, this would be used as a single PGSQL 9.4 server, with replication to the 2nd server. This would be a waste of resources on the second server. I would like to split this into 2 DB engines.

1st engine: Master on Physical 1, replicated to physcial2.

2nd Engine: Master on Physical 2, replicated to Physcial 1

This way I would make both servers work, and have each other as a backup in case of failover.

Is this possible with the current module?

Thanks shaun

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