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Trouble creating a release RPM from puppetlabs/puppet source repo

asked 2016-06-01 11:53:30 -0600

DryHumorInDC gravatar image

I am getting the same errors no matter what version I'm trying to build (3.8 - 4.5, and tried a few in between), so I'm doing something wrong here.

After I do a git clone of, I try to run rake package:rpm.

The output actually gets pretty far along, but stops at with this error: "install: cannot stat ext/redhat/puppet.conf: no such file or directory". If I fix that problem by manually editing the SPEC file, I just get more errors, so clearly there is no need to go down a rabbit hole since this must work for someone else, right?


Thanks, Matt

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I was trying to duplicate your problem, and I cloned, installed all packages to make gem native extensions, bundle install, and then bundle exec rake. I don't see the package:rpm task listed..

DarylW gravatar imageDarylW ( 2016-06-02 17:35:07 -0600 )edit

Thanks for your help! Is there another way to create native RPMs for puppet? Here is my understanding for building RPMs: rake package:bootstrap Now you will see many package tasks if you run: rake -T, you'll seem much more stuff including package:rpm. Any/all insight is greatly appreciated!

DryHumorInDC gravatar imageDryHumorInDC ( 2016-06-02 20:15:31 -0600 )edit

I ran that bootstrap task, and then saw the package::rpm task. ended up with this error (which wasn't the OPs) install: cannot stat 'ext/systemd/puppetmaster.service': No such file or directory error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.coCkiW (%install)

DarylW gravatar imageDarylW ( 2016-06-03 19:53:33 -0600 )edit

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answered 2016-06-03 14:25:58 -0600

haus gravatar image

Running rake package:rpm works fine for me on the 3.x branch of puppet. What problems do you have when you run that against 3.x?

As of puppet 4.x, the build has moved to a build tool called vanagon ( which builds an rpm that includes the full puppet stack. The build is run from the puppet-agent repository ( The rpm spec shouldn't be too far off from building, but it isn't actively maintained anymore.

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Ok, I must confess... I only tried with one version of 3.x branch... 3.8.6. These are my errors: Processing files: puppet-3.8.6.dirty-1.el6.noarch error: File not found: /tmp/pkgn6rVkV/BUILDROOT/puppet-3.8.6.dirty-1.el6.x86_64/usr/bin/puppet error: File not found: /tmp/pkgn6rVkV/BUILDROOT/....

DryHumorInDC gravatar imageDryHumorInDC ( 2016-06-03 16:11:03 -0600 )edit

I will try building the new way. Please keep in mind that I need to be able to build these tools offline (no Internet connection). If deps are needed, I can transfer them in, but I need to be able to reconfigure to point to internal repos, so I hope that's possible?

DryHumorInDC gravatar imageDryHumorInDC ( 2016-06-03 16:13:27 -0600 )edit

Thanks again, Haus. I will have to revisit with Vanagon. In the meantime, my company was finally (draconian, man) able to bring in puppet4 PC1 and I installed that way. I would like to know how to build these though, so I'll revisit one day for sure. Cheers.

DryHumorInDC gravatar imageDryHumorInDC ( 2016-06-08 03:57:06 -0600 )edit

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